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Total Rewrite + New Features = Travel Pack


It’s been a long time since I posted but I hope it’s worthing it! I wrote Touch Utils from scratch with many visual changes, as long as new features, which is now available from Windows Phone 7 Marketplace! After some thought, I realized that this application would be much useful for frequent travellers, so I came […]

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Unit Conversion is almost ready!


Ok, Unit Converter is ready with 13 categories and more than 200 units to choose from. Now I’m trying to find and fix any bugs, because some calculations require high precision. The new application wich will feature the Calculator and the Unit Converter will, possibly be named Touch Utils and will be shortly available from […]

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Long time, no see


It’s been some time since I posted on the blog, but I was busy debugging Touch Calc and cleaning up part of the code.I also started programming Unit Converter which, most likely, will be implemented inside Touch Calc and not as a separate application. The interface is completed and aims to be as simple as […]

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